The Best Of Miami Italian Restaurants

If there is one type of cuisine that can be said to have become a global phenomenon (aside from that provided by the ubiquitous fast food outlets) it is Italian food. Anywhere you go in the world there is almost always bound to be an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy great cuisine. However, as a rule of thumb the higher the number of residents of Italian descent in an area – the better your dining experience will be. One city that boasts a vibrant Italian community is Miami – and this means that the Italian inspired dining experience in Miami should not be missed.

It’s not difficult finding great Miami Italian restaurants – the challenge is to choose the from the many wonderful opportunities to enjoy a fantastic Italian dining experience.

Here are some great choices for those who either call Miami home – or will be visiting the city.

1. Sapore di Mare Italian Seafood.

There seems to a be a correlation between the fact that an Italian restaurant being family owned and the quality of the food. Sapore di Mare Italian Seafood may just be the proof that any diner requires. This quaint and cozy dining destination is understated from the outside – but the food served more than makes up for the ordinary exterior. Classic pasta dishes are enlivened by top of the range Parmesan which is applied liberally. Diners who opt to add authentic truffles to any of the many pasta dishes are in for an even more satisfying experience. The fried calamari is fantastic – matched only by the great atmosphere.

2. Scarpetta.

For an award winning Italian dining experience look no further than Scarpetta. This decidedly upmarket venue is on the beach – and the sea air adds to the attraction of a menu which celebrates Italian cuisine in all its fresh and vibrant forms. One dish which stands out is deceptively simple in description – the tomato basil spaghetti, it is the best evolution of this dish that you will taste.

3. Cecconi’s.

This is where the glitterati come to hang out and enjoy the fabulous decor and top class service of one of Miami’s premier Italian restaurants. This sister restaurant to the famous equivalent in Venice this is a place to really get under the skin of authentic Italian cuisine. Just browsing the menu is a delight – classics such as braised lamb and ravioli and veal saltimbocca make each visit a delight.

4. Cibo Wine Bar.

For those who want to reach for stratospheric heights of the Italian dining experience Cibo Wine Bar is the place to see and be seen. A creation of the Liberty Group this bold and beautiful 12,000 sq ft space will reward you with a mix of industrial modern chic and old world rustic. You will transport to a fine Italian culinary experience. With 3,500 bottles wine in their awarding winning wine room this is the place to bring a significant other (or a hopefully significant other) to impress with the ambiance and the great food.

Eating at Miami Italian restaurants is an adventure. Even the humblest of dining spots offers a great culinary experience – however, spend a little more and you will find out why this city has special place in the hearts of those who enjoy fine dining.