Morton’s Neuroma Alternative Treatment Options That Are Available

When you experience sharp pain on the balls of your feet, this could be the result of what is called Morton’s neuroma. This is a condition that can be because through repetitive motion, especially with women that wear high heels, or athletes that are extremely competitive. This will occur as tissue will begin to thicken, specifically around nerves that are in between your third and fourth toes. It can also be caused because of a foot deformity that a person may have. There are many treatment options for this condition, as well as alternative treatments that can be just as effective. Here is a quick overview of this condition and Morton’s neuroma alternative treatment options that you may want to consider.

What Are The Symptoms Of Morton’s Neuroma

There are certain symptoms that you will definitely notice if you are developing this condition on your foot. As you are standing, it will feel as if you are standing on some type of a small object such as a pebble. You may also begin to develop a burning sensation, specifically on the ball of your foot. You may also notice that this will radiate outward toward your toes. Finally, you can develop a tingling sensation which will subsequently lead to numbness. This is because of the nerves being affected by the buildup of tissue around them.

What Is The Best Treatment Option For This Condition?

The best treatment option, according to most experts in this field, is some type of surgery. This will allow them to remove the nerves that has been damaged or affected by this growth of tissue. There are other treatment options such as simply taking painkillers that can reduce the way that it affects you while walking or standing. Steroid injections are another option that you should consider which is far less invasive than standard surgery procedures.

Morton’s Neuroma Alternative Treatment Options

If those options are not applicable, or you would prefer trying something else, there are alternative treatment options for this condition. These treatment options will include corticosteroid injections, platelet rich plasma injections, and also shockwave therapy. You can also use stem cell therapy which can try to rejuvenate the nerve that has been damaged. All of these options are available from companies that are leaders in this field. If you haven’t found a company that can offer you these options, you may want to consider contacting The Center For Morton’s Neuroma.

How To Contact This Business

Initially, you should visit their website which can go into great depth about this condition and the treatment options that they have access to. They will provide you with conservative options if your condition is just starting, or they can treat people that are currently in a substantial amount of discomfort. Some people will prefer nonsurgical treatments which will include the many different injections that they can use. If you are tired of feeling as if you are standing on a pebble, or if you have lost feeling in your toes, it certainly time to resolve this situation.

If you have any of the symptoms that have been presented, it is likely that you have Morton’s neuroma. Although this condition does not affect a large number of people, if you have it, you will want to take care of this right away. By utilizing the many different options that are out there, you may be able to resolve your issue through surgery or injections. Regardless of how they do this, the professionals at The Center For Morton’s Neuroma will have a solution that will help you resolve this ongoing discomfort.