Help Save Lives By Installing An AED

One of the best inventions of recent years is the automated external defibrillator or AED. Quite often, a heart attack or cardiac arrest occurs without warning. One minute a person may be singing a song and the next minute they are on the floor. AEDs can help. These machines may be used by almost anyone and can save a life. More than 350,000 people in the United States die every year from a heart attack. There are AEDS for sale online and through local medical supply companies. In some communities, the AEDs are provided free to non-profit organizations.

The most common cause of cardiac arrest is ventricular fibrillation and most heart attacks don’t occur near a hospital. Six of every ten heart attack victims never get to the emergency room and for every minute that the heart is stopped, their chance of survival falls another ten percent. This means a person has only minutes to live when they have a heart attack. Cardiologists will tell you that time is everything when it comes to treating a cardiac arrest. This is why having an AED available is so important.

The AED delivers an electric shock that can restart a heart attack victim’s heart and give them time to make to the emergency room. Ideally, the shock is delivered within three minutes of the heart attack. This is only possible if there is an AED in the immediate vicinity.

The AED is a portable, technologically advanced device designed to save lives. It is used to access the patient’s heartbeat and diagnose their condition. If the AED determines the heart is out of rhythm or stopped, it automatically delivers a small electric shock to restart the heart or shock it back into proper rhythm. The AED is very small and can be used by almost anyone. It is light and can be held in one hand.

While most AEDs come with instructions and some even had LED panels that tell the user what to do, it is best to have personnel trained in the device’s operation. The device will help by guiding the user through visual and audio prompts. Businesses and organizations can find AEDs for sale online or through their medical supply company.

If a company decides to invest in AEDs for their workplaces, it is important that they also provide training in their use. Before hanging the AED on the wall, the company should partner with a medical professional to design a training and education program for their staff. The medical professional can also help the business choose the right AED for their situation and choose the best location or locations in their facilities. It is also important to ensure at least a few of their employees are trained in CPR and in the operation of the AED.

The cost of establishing an AED program is relatively low. Most machines are available for less than $1,500 and if a business buys several they may be able to get a discounted price. Placing AEDs in public areas is a good way to help save lives.